Saturday, 27 August 2011

Vintage Trouble @ St Pancras Station, London

Vintage Trouble (c) Debbie Smyth 2011
So when I heard Vintage Trouble were back in town and playing an acoustic set in London's St Pancras station I jumped at the chance to go and snap them.  These guys are amazing live.  

It was a little odd snapping them on a station concourse with lot's of commuters running past to catch their tubes/trains/Eurostar, but hey, I've snapped in weirder locations! 

Vintage Trouble (c) Debbie Smyth 2011
They played a half hour set and drew quite a crowd, who were all shouting for more when it came to an end, but sadly the station security said no more and pulled the plug.  The band were so energetic that you almost forgot it was an acoustic set!!  Brilliant!

Marcus Bonfanti (c) Debbie Smyth 2011

Also performing on the concourse that evening (sounds so weird!) was the very talented and very entertaining Marcus Bonfanti, who went down a storm.

All in all, that's the most fun I've had at St Pancas station, EVER!